These words were originally published on Go Fund Me, Facebook and Twitter … letters of thanks to those individuals who have supported my Go Fund Me campaign, “They Don’t Eat Alone in Spain,” and my dream of manifesting blog into book deal.


17 July

Here’s to the power of intention. The power of community. And the power of creation.

Just one day ago, I set (and announced) an intention to bring this campaign to $1,000 by the end of weekend. Thanks to the generosity of Lauren O’Rourke, Laura Krupka, Janice Frankel, AJ Benham and Michelle Brode that goal was met 24 hours ahead of schedule. Another $56 brings the “They Don’t Eat Alone in Spain” campaign to one-quarter completion. Push goal for the weekend? I say, Yes!

2015-09-03 22.40.03

(Cheers! This photo was taken at the end of my first month in Spain. Not eating alone and celebrating many, many things at DiverXO — a surprise gift from friends. That’s hibiscus nectar I’m drinking, pulled from a flower hanging from the ceiling.)

18 July

A friend recently reminded me it is not enough to envision my goals, but that I must feel them too — the sensation in my body upon achieving them.

I tried this technique twice this weekend … and reached both of my mini goals!

Many thanks to Alex Tower Ewers for meeting my intention with your generous donation and your beautiful words, “Because I believe in signs too.” With your help, the “They Don’t Eat Alone in Spain” campaign is now one-quarter funded.

vision board

(This photo is of a Vision Board I created while living in Madrid … a sign of my subconscious.)

“Cool, sticky night. Fireflies. Nearly full moon. Rode my bike home in high heels and stopped to pick up a coloring book and crayons on the way. Smiling big.”

I posted these words on Facebook last night when I arrived home. My friend, Barb West, commented “Sounds like a romantic novel.” To which I replied, “My life IS a romantic novel … sans romantic partner. At least for now.”

At its essence, this is the story of “They Don’t Eat Alone in Spain” — how I learned to live a wildly romantic life without a husband, a boyfriend or a lover.

Many thanks to an anonymous donor (although not anonymous to me!) for supporting me in telling a divorce story with a different happy ending.

My next goal on the journey from blog to book deal is $1250 — half the price of the writers retreat I will be attending this fall in Girona. Just $43 away … I can feel it in my bones. Can’t you?

Want to know more about “They Don’t Eat Alone in Spain” — how 52 Artist Dates saved my soul after divorce and landed me smack in the middle of my own life, a life I always dreamed of? Or how to contribute to my Go Fund Me campaign? Click here.

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