The Naked Truth About My Decision To Shear Down

My nearly naked head has been ripe for conversation since the first time I put clippers to it, nearly seven years ago.  On Friday, xoJane published the story of my decision to shear down.  Read it here:

Why A Shaved Head Has Become My Signature Look

In Rwanda with a gaggle of what my girlfriend referred to as "Little Lesleys."
In Rwanda with a gaggle of what my girlfriend referred to as “Little Lesleys.”

4 thoughts on “The Naked Truth About My Decision To Shear Down

  1. Lesley, I read your article on xoJane a little while ago and had to share it on my FB page. And I don’t mind admitting I cried a little while reading it. I shaved my head last year for the first time (well, actually, my wonderful husband did it for me as I’ve never done it and he often does his own with the clippers so is better at it LOL). But the reason I cried while reading your article, is because of what that shaved head did for me. For the first time in my life, I would look in the mirror and NOT cringe at what I saw. I loved it, I totally loved it. I thought I would look ghastly so was really hesitant at that first time mirror check, but oh my god, I was so happy. Those times I have to look at myself in the mirror – brushing the hair I’ve hated all my life, brushing my teeth etc – I avert my eyes. Always have. That, or I think “ugh, you are disgusting”. Yep, no self esteem as you can tell. LOL. But when I shaved my head, and had only stubble, I would look at myself in the mirror and actually smile. It was AMAZING how I felt – the freedom and liberation of having a shaved head, and to actually think I rocked it, well, that was a new feeling for me. And like you, people would ask if I had cancer, or if I was doing it for that Shave For a Cure charity thing – because obviously, a woman would never CHOOSE to shave their head. They can only lose their hair through sickness. About the only person who supported me in my Shaveness, was my husband. He told me I looked wonderful. And my god, the feeling of actually THINKING I looked good was a revelation. I have never felt that in my life. I could look at photos of me with that shaved head and smile instead of cringe. I walked down the street with a smile on my face because I felt GOOD. And all those women who would say to me “oh my, you are so brave to do that” – I would think WTF? What’s brave about shaving your head? It’s HAIR, it grows back if you don’t like it! I’m not cutting off my arm. But oh how I actually loved myself when I had a shaved head. Right now, it’s shortish, but I want so desperately to go back to that shaved look. Thank you for writing that article.

    • (ooh ooh) jakiblue. Thank you for taking the time to share your story. And for sharing mine on Facebook! I am so delighted to know that you saw your beauty. Life changing…

  2. I so love this. I can really identify with so much of your story, although I have an undercut (the variety with one side of my head near-shaved) rather than opting for full-shave. But I am echoing both your story and jakiblue here too… I KNEW I wanted this cut for years and years. I always felt like an asymmetrical cut was too “edgy” for me to pull off (I am super into heavy metal but I dress/present myself very vanilla.) I dwelled on this, being jealous, for years. Then I went to Stockholm and saw a handful of young women who dress how I do, vintage-y, light & airy, totally pulling off their undercuts. I knew I had to have it, but I still waited a few years after that trip to finally make it happen.

    I finally shaved it as a birthday present to myself 2 years ago and I’m not sure I’ll ever look back. I feel SO MUCH more like myself now. I feel like people treat me with a little more respect, which was the opposite of what I expected. I expected people would treat me like a weird kid with weird hair, but nope. Maybe they’re intimidated that I’m rocking what I want to rock in my locks. I love it.

    I’ve been thinking about trying a full-shave sometime, but for now I am so so comfortable in this look that I think I’ll put that off for a while.

    So happy I’m not alone! Best wishes in your hair journey! 🙂

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